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Leave it to Neenee, Clean & Tidy in a Jiffy.

Neenee's Services

 Domestic Cleaner

Neenee's is happy to help  

* Busy Mums or Dads who have very little at home time.

* Family's who start early in the morning & return well after dark.

* Singles who prefer to mingle & leave cleaning to a professional.

*Young adults /shift workers who are on the go 24/7.

Call in a Domestic cleaner, an  angel to help make your life easier. I can have a  Clean & Tidy home as well as having a happy family.

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Chemical Free Cleaning 

With the fantastic Norwex products which are Microfibre material with BacLock (TM), makes the job quick & easy, Less rinsing  also lowers the cost of consumables, reducers  the landfill & impact on our environment. Lets create Safe Havens for all the coming generations after us....

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Not your forte'?

All the excuses - I have heard to date,

*  My irons broken,  not really.

* But who could be bothered.

* Not enough hours in my day.. 

Neenee's service for Ironing is

 off premises which includes p-up & delivery.

(A)  Great rates

(B)  Easy online booking system

(C)  Easy payment online

(D)  Delivered to your door...

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Extra Set of Hands

Happy to clean yourself but would like a cleaner on hand & some inspiration...

*Make that mountain of a "To Do List"

seem so small with 2 of you to conquer it together...

*Be it a set list of chores OR package the extra's into manageable  amounts...

*From the Extra's list  Or add extra's to your regular booking....


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Bond Cleans

Moving Tomorrow 

Moving in 2 weeks ? 

Why do I have so much stuff? 

OMG where do I go, 

To start or not to start. 

Oh geez HELP !!!

3 Levels of Help from Neenee's

Bond Cleans 

Made easy, so my question to you is how much time or money do you want to save? 

Looking for help,

1.  Just need help with Internal cleaning

2. Invoice required for Real Estate c/c

3. 5 Day Quality assurance guarantee

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Professional Bond Cleaner

Make it super easy for me PLEASE.

I need it handled for me ...

This is your  opt out space for Neenee to co-ordinate any service professionals needed to organise basic repairs/tidy/ cleaners/removalist - relocate to our new home ....

Moving Made Easy is an extra service Neenee's can provide. (consultant fee is charged).

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The Basic Service

A consult service  is all I need....

I. have packed my worldly possessions 

2. I have moved out already

3.  I have undertaken the Bond Cleaning to the best of my ability (checking the real Estate list as I went.)

Cleaning Consult is all I need please

Neenee's Neat & Tidy Services

*Can execute a check /audit of your 

   Exit Clean

 - Provided  feedback/assistance 

 - Check list supplied whilst on site for    cleaning requirements yet to be completed.

*In finalisation of bond clean to Real Estate satisfaction.....

*Assist in sourcing other service providers to complete fixes required in handing back the former house.

  # Priced at $99.00  (Attend/ Audit/ Checklist supply/ Invoice supply / up to 1 hr of touch ups included if required) in 2017.       

#Consult fee payable on Booking of this service....NO Accounts available.

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Solutions based
Corporate Cleans

Corporate Cleaning

1st Impressions when perspective clients come to your premises is lasting.

This can  determined a number of questions -

* Service they can expect

* Due diligence forthcoming

* Pride in work delivered

* Are you the professional THEY are looking for?



Levels of Service

( A.) The work premises is in need of a Professional Cleaner to assist in the initial cleaning & then progress into a regular cleaning service  required.

* Northern Gold Coast area

* Sm/Med offices catered for.

* This will include an independent cleaning review twice yearly.

( B.) I need an initial cleaner to get on top of the problem areas. 

Then will  need the right tools to continue forward to keep the Office clean

* This will include an independent cleaning review twice yearly.

* Option for periodic cleaning bookings

Northern GC Area

*Sm/Med/Lge   offices catered for.

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Other Services you may need...

*Interior Boat OR RV Cleaning

* New Mums Services

* Bachelor Services 

* Concierge

NEW in 2017 -  **EVENTS -1**

*Events Coordinator

*Trade Show | Expo 

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